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Grove City Family Dentistry: Hometown 5-Star Care



“GCFD is the Mount Olympus to the dental gods of the universe, housed therein. It only took one visit to the cold, plastic, corporate mausoleum (previous doctor not named) to realize that I needed substance, depth, warmth, compassion, and quality. Such traits are rare in just about anything, yet it makes it that much more precious and desirable. These people rock. They have adopted me and taken me in like the lonely street urchin of the dentally rejected. They have healed my broken smile and I am grateful.” – Jeffrey

“Excellent service. Very impressed with the staff, timeliness, and office overall.” – Shaun B.

“I was very pleased with the professionalism and empathy exhibited by the staff.” – Judy M.

“This was an amazing experience. I am terrified of the dentist and I was worried I would need to be sedated just to get a cleaning. The staff and hygienist were so friendly, I didn’t need to be sedated at all!” – Shay S.

“So impressed with this office and staff. Very accommodating and pleasant! Every member of the team was pleasant and helpful!” – Jenny G.

“Great office! Makes the dentist fun!! Everyone is so nice!!” – Tracy R.

“Exceeded my expectations! Keep up the good work. Really enjoyed my cleaning. She was so friendly and made me feel at ease.” – Lyndsay K.

“It had been close to ten years since my last dental visit, due to lack of insurance. I was almost ashamed to even go. Your office made me feel so comfortable and assured me there was no reason to be ashamed. I left feeling so much better and look forward to receiving all the dental treatment that we planned out. My first ever root canal wasn’t bad at all. Not like all the scary stories you hear.” – Becky

“I love Grove City Family Dentistry! The technology of dentistry has come a long way and they have all the new stuff. I love that now I can have a deep cleaning done without the shots and a cap is in my mouth that day, not a week or so later. Everyone in this office is great!!” – Pam H.