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The Art of Elevating Your Broken Smile with Dental Implants

Do you forget what it’s like to live without a missing tooth or teeth? Are there days when you avoid certain foods or drinks due to discomfort? When you hear there’s going to be photos at a work or personal event, do you hide your smile out of embarrassment? Does the thought of putting your dentures in every morning make you want to stay in bed?

However you relate, remember this: a deteriorating smile with missing or failing teeth does not define you. Deep inside, you have the power to create change and experience the joys in life that come with having a healthy, whole smile.

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Dental Implants: Give Yourself Permission to Smile Again

When your tooth falls out, you’re left with more than just a gap in your smile. A missing tooth can actually cause damage to your jaw bone over time, leading to health problems and an altered, less youthful appearance. Dental implants are unique because they trick your jaw into thinking their durable, titanium post is a natural tooth root. Once your bone pairs with your post, a custom crown is attached, restoring your smile function and aesthetics.

Dental Implant Placement and Restoration

Whether you’re new to dental implants or need previous work restored, the talented team of doctors at Grove City Family Dentistry has you covered. You won’t have to worry about finding time for appointment after appointment or being referred to an outside specialist. You’ll find the right implant dentist for you, whose sole goal is to fulfill your needs right here in the comfort and convenience of our office. It’s just another way we provide dentistry beyond your expectations… guaranteed!

Implant-Retained Dentures
Traditional dentures have taken a back seat over the years thanks to dentures held securely in place by dental implants. There are removable and permanent versions of this type of treatment that will change the way you think about false teeth forever.

This type of implant-retained denture is held in place using four implant posts in both your upper and lower arches. Like regular dentures, your All-on-4 teeth will be custom-created for a comfortable, natural fit.

Bone Grafting
Your smile may not be ready for a dental implant right away, and that’s OK. Sometimes patients don’t have sufficient bone quantity to support the artificial tooth root and crown. Your implant dentist can “borrow” bone from elsewhere in your mouth and graft it into the right spot.

Your dental implant experience with us will go smoother and quicker than ever thanks to computer-enhanced treatment planning (CBCT Cone Beam technology) with special software that precisely evaluates your CT scan in incredible 3-D imaging to gain a better understanding of your bone quality, quantity, and location.

Solving your real-life dentistry dilemmas with dental implants can improve and impact everything about life as you know it — partner with us today to get started.

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