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Patient Safety in Grove City

Going the Extra Mile for Grove City Smiles (Now More Than Ever)

As always, the entire team at Grove City Family Dentistry is on your side, working tirelessly to ensure your health is a top priority. We want to reassure you that we never compromise when it comes to your health and safety. Now, more than ever, we’re taking every step possible to ensure you and your family are protected and secure.

Grove City Family Dentistry

Safety is Always Key

We ask that you call to reschedule if you have experienced a cough, fever or body aches in the last 10-14 days. Please call to reschedule if anyone in the household has been quarantined due to COVID-19 or exposure in the last 14 days.

Facemasks are encouraged and we will continue to provide you one upon request.

Please wear a mask unless you are fully vaccinated.

You can wait in our waiting room in one of our socially distanced chairs, or you can wait in the car and we’ll call you when your treatment time is ready.

Sterilization and Disinfection

We’re pleased that very little will change in order to meet the new guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for the COVID-19 virus. We take each and every sterilization method very seriously. We allocate a full-time individual in our sterilization department to support office procedures.

All of our disinfection methods and products used are supported by both the CDC and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Rest assured, our staff has received thorough training on meeting the required kill time of bacteria and viruses. All of our treatment rooms and processes have been evaluated under the new guidelines and changes were made to keep you and our staff safe.

We’re here to help you and be with you every step of the way. At Grove City Family Dentistry, our commitment is to provide our quality level of dentistry in a safe and comfortable environment. If you have any questions about our updated safety measures or your oral health, please contact us online or by phone at (614) 892-9986.

Please let us know how we can help you!


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