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Treating Jaw Pain in Grove City

When you eat or even talk, is there a nagging jaw pain that won’t seem to go away? Do you frequently clench your jaw or grind your teeth? Does your jaw ever click, pop, or even lock up when you try to open your mouth wide? Your pain and discomfort end here with gentle, effective TMJ treatment from the highly skilled team at Grove City Family Dentistry.

The Academy of General Dentistry estimates that nearly 10 million Americans suffer from chronic facial and jaw pain or debilitating headaches. TMJ/TMD affects more than twice as many women as men, and it’s the most common non-dental cause of facial pain.

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What is TMJ/TMD and Why Am I in Constant Pain?

TMD or temporomandibular joint disorder can negatively affect everything from your jaw joints or muscles and the nerves in your face. When this happens, some of the most common side effects or symptoms such as ear pain, headaches, jaw tenderness, pain when talking, chewing, or biting can take over and ruin your life.

While every person and every case is different, there are some common causes of TMD or TMJ discomfort that can include issues with arthritis, an unbalanced bite, jaw misalignment, trauma or injury, and even stress.

It’s Time to Finally Feel Better

Our doctors rely on something called centric relation when diagnosing and treating TMD issues to help you break the cycle of pain and consistently relying on medications to dull your discomfort. We’ll conduct a thorough occlusal evaluation which is going to show us any issue or instances where your bite isn’t quite right.

If your doctor does find problems with your TMJ, we can help! We offer high-tech treatment options, including a custom occlusal mouthguard to set your bite straight and effective physical therapy.

Please don’t struggle in silence with your TMD discomfort and issues. Retake control of your life by making an appointment to speak with our highly trained and talented team of doctors.

Pain doesn’t control your life, you do!

Schedule your TMJ consultation today!

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