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Stop Snoring. Start Smiling.

Tired of Searching for a Sleep Apnea Solution in Grove City?

Stop Snoring. Start Smiling.

Did you know that that sleeping can actually be unsafe? It’s true! When you’re snoring the night away, there’s a chance you’re harming your body instead of getting all of the benefits of a good night’s sleep. While you’re catching z’s, your body takes the opportunity to rejuvenate and repair while also preparing you for what fun lies ahead tomorrow. Sleep apnea could be making it very difficult for your body to get this critical job done, leaving you feeling tired, frustrated, and even depressed. This is why sleep apnea in Grove City often goes misdiagnosed or underdiagnosed in young patients and adults. Let your friends at Grove City Family Dentistry help you get the sleep you need to succeed.

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What Should I Know About Sleep Apnea?

Have you been blaming yourself or someone else for your lack of sleep? How about your diet? Is that “late in the day” caffeine treat you always seem to crave to blame? Perhaps it’s your mattress? Have you ever thought that it could actually be sleep apnea? Chances are, if you’re snoring the night away, you could have sleep apnea. Snoring is one of the most significant indicators of this potentially harmful condition, but this sleep disorder is also:

  • Caused by a blockage in your airway
  • Marked by a gasping for breath 
  • Known for causing patients to wake up multiple times a night
  • Often treated with Continuous Positive Airway Pressure or a CPAP machine

However, sometimes sleep apnea can be treated successfully (and more comfortably) with a dental appliance, and that’s where your dentist in Grove City can help. 

What Can I Expect?

When you trust us with your care, know that you’re always in good hands. Seeing us will help you learn more about your custom solution to manage sleep apnea for better health. Generally, this is how diagnosis and treatment works:

  • Most often, during your hygiene visit, is when we’re able to identify that you could potentially benefit from having a sleep test by using a short assessment.
  • The other scenario is you’re a patient who previously completed a sleep test and used a CPAP but found it too uncomfortable to use correctly. Sometimes the CPAP just isn’t effective or travel-friendly for patients, and that’s OK. (Note: If your sleep test results are over three years old, you might need another assessment.)
  • A referral is made to for an at-home sleep study. The website manages you through the process until your final diagnosis.
  •  If you can benefit from an oral appliance, we’ll work with you and your medical insurance to determine if there’s coverage for your treatment.
  • Next, we schedule your hassle-free Grove City sleep apnea consultation with Dr. Mitchell or Dr. Little to discuss your needs, show you how the appliance works, review your sleep exam, carefully scan your mouth for a custom fit, have you fill out consent forms, and review finances.
  • About three to four weeks later, your appliance should arrive, and you’ll come back to see us. We’ll ensure the fit is comfortable, and that you know how to use your appliance with ease. A follow-up is scheduled for six to eight weeks later to monitor your progress.

Don’t wait another day to have a better night’s sleep! Talk to us to learn more about successfully treating sleep apnea in Grove City for you and your family.

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