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Complete Dentures

Complete Dentures in Grove City

Forget everything you think you know about “false teeth” from the past. Today’s technology and treatment techniques make the denture process less stressful and much more comfortable. Complete dentures are a tooth replacement option where all of your natural teeth are either missing or need to be removed to ensure a proper fit. Dentures are removable smile restorations that usually rest on both your upper and lower gums., held in place by a dental adhesive.

Our doctors have the tools to help you move forward with your denture treatment and the resources to help you adjust to your new smile. We’re proud to be your oral health partner and are always available if you have any questions or issues when it comes to taking care of your dentures. They do require daily removal, cleaning, and soaking to keep them functioning properly and looking naturally beautiful. Schedule an appointment with us to talk about all of your denture options.