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Dental X-Rays in Grove City

It’s amazing how much x-ray imaging has improved over the years. We use x-rays every day to provide a clear picture of what’s going on with your teeth and how we can make the right recommendations to fix any current or potential issues that could pop-up somewhere down the road.

We use safe, all-digital x-rays including panoramic shots to easily diagnose problems because of the clarity of what we are able to detect and see. We also rely on something called a Spectra™ tool. This non-invasive handheld device uses fluorescent light technology also helps us see if there’s damage to your jawbones, impacted teeth, bone deterioration, abscesses, and decay between your teeth.

All of this advanced screening hugely benefits both you and your smile because we can get the photos we need with 90 percent less radiation than traditional equipment that’s still used in other dental offices. Each of our fun, themed treatment rooms offers the capability to view your x-rays on a flat-panel video monitor so you’re right there with us, playing an active role in your oral health decisions.