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Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep Apnea Treatment in Grove City

The groggy mornings. The long, tiring days. The irritability. The loss of focus. The falling asleep when you shouldn’t be. Do any of these things sound familiar to you or someone in your family? Millions of Americans struggle with poor sleep every single day. Sometimes we blame stress or an old mattress. Other times we feel like we got a good night’s sleep only to awaken feeling more run down than refreshed. There’s something called sleep apnea, and it could be to blame!

Sleep apnea tends to be marked by loud snoring because of a dangerous blockage of your airway, usually in the back of your throat. This blockage can potentially cause you to wake up over a hundred times in one single night and you don’t even know it! (No wonder why you’re so sleepy during the day!) It’s important to talk to your Grove City dentists about your concerns. We can work together to identify your symptoms and refer you to a trusted sleep specialist who can give you back your restful, peaceful sleep.