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Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral Cancer Screenings in Grove City

Oral cancer isn’t necessarily in the news as much as other illnesses, but it’s something that can literally be lurking right under our noses (or mouths), and we have no idea. That’s what makes an early diagnosis so extremely important. Oral cancer is no different than any other type of cancer where early detection of the disease is the key to beating it.

At Grove City Family Dentistry, we make thorough oral cancer screenings a part of our comprehensive examinations. We look for any signs or symptoms on your gums, cheeks, and tongue that might be cause for a closer look. We’ll generally take a look at your head and neck area too for a visual and manual screening that could save your life!

Because we believe in providing the highest quality of care possible and the power of today’s advanced dental technology, we use a handheld digital imaging instrument called Spectra ™. This tool is non-invasive and uses fluorescent light technology to aid in the detection of hidden oral cancers and cavities too!