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Dental Technology in Grove City

It’s no secret that the entire team at Grove City Family Dentistry, from our hygienists to our dentists, love technology! Advancements in the tools we now use have dramatically changed over the years, giving patients like you the chance to experience dentistry differently, in a way that’s less invasive, less costly, yet so much more comfortable.

Step into any of our fun, specially themed treatment rooms (rock n’ roll room, anyone?) and you’ll see they’re all equipped with powerful intraoral cameras that help us to see your mouth at far deeper levels than the trained eye alone. It helps us create a more accurate treatment plan to fix any dental issues. We’re also certified to use soft tissue lasers to help fix frenectomies, tooth decay, gum disease, lesion removal, and so much more. These lasers are effective, safe, and can dramatically reduce the time spent in the dental chair so you can keep your busy schedule on track.