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Anesthesia in Grove City

There’s a good chance every person who visits our Grove City dental office has at least some form of apprehension about visiting the dentist, even if they feel comfortable and at home. Some people experience dental anxiety and fear on a much deeper, personal level, and we want you to know:

  • We understand
  • We’re here for you

We’ve got anesthesia and sedation options for you to choose from that are safe for patients of all ages. Our hygienists are specially certified to provide soothing local anesthesia if necessary. We can also use nitrous oxide or laughing gas which is best known for the immediate, calming feeling it produces. It’s safe enough to use on children, and the effects are quickly and easily reversed so you can drive home and function normally. (Forget about missing work and school!) Our dentists also use oral and IV sedation when necessary, to help you relax and complete the dental work you and your smile need to stay healthy.