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Tooth Recontouring

Tooth Recontouring in Grove City

Cosmetic dentistry services such as tooth recontouring can help make the imperfections and the “little things” you might not like about your teeth disappear for a new, improved smile you’re proud to share with the world. If you and your dentist agree that tooth recontouring is the right cosmetic solution for you, we’ll first need to make sure we have all of the necessary digital x-rays and photographs of the teeth we want to fix. We’re able to see where we need to make improvements. Your dentist uses state-of-the-art technology to sculpt your teeth, artfully getting rid of or minimizing any of the imperfections you want to erase. When you’re tooth recontouring is complete, your teeth are smoothed out and polished.

Tooth recontouring is relatively pain-free because we’re only working on the surface of your teeth, so we don’t need to use anesthesia. Fixing overlaps and imperfections can actually make your teeth healthier in the long run because there’s less of a chance for decay and plaque buildup.