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Composite Bonding

Composite Bonding in Grove City

One of the most sought after cosmetic dentistry treatments at our Grove City dental office is composite bonding. Your dentist uses a special tooth-colored resin to improve and enhance your smile by fixing teeth that are:

  • Chipped – Composite bonding can smooth out and fill in your chipped tooth or teeth, making it look whole again.
  • Discolored – Sometimes teeth become deeply discolored due to disease, decay, or even certain medications. Bonding is a great way to hide discolored teeth that won’t otherwise benefit from a whitening treatment.
  • Gapped – Small, unwanted gaps between your teeth can make your smile look uneven. Your dentist can use composite bonding to fill in the gaps and create a more youthful, even smile.
  • Short or small – Composite bonding can be applied to the surface of your teeth to make them appear larger or longer depending on the results you’re looking for.

One of the best traits of the bonding resin our dentist uses is that it can be mixed into a variety of shades to blend seamlessly with your existing teeth. Your new smile will look natural, yet amazing.