At Grove Family Dentistry

We stand behind our work.
It is as simple as that.
Ask us about our guarantee.

Our Guarantee

At Grove City Family Dentistry, we stand behind our work. It is as simple as that. We go so far as to say we guarantee your satisfaction when you receive care from any one of our talented professionals.

How can we do this? It is simple; we focus on providing only the highest quality work using the highest quality materials.

The success of your satisfaction relies heavily on receiving the highest quality treatment possible, but also upon you and your own dedication to your dental health. If you are willing to commit to your dental health, so are we.

When visiting the dentist, why wouldn’t you want your satisfaction guaranteed? Moreover, why wouldn’t you want your dentist pushing him or herself to uphold only the highest of standards? If you are not fully satisfied with your visit with us or with a certain procedure, let us know—we want to hear about it.

Our Guarantee

  1. We guarantee to have an appointment available to all emergency patients with 24 hours Monday through Friday. We monitor an emergency phone for patients of record, so even when we are closed we guarantee a prompt response to your emergency needs.
  2. We guarantee an appointment available for all new patients with 72 hours, as our goal is to make your friends and family as happy with us as you are.
  3. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the treatment you receive from our hygienists. We actively recruit only the most talented hygienists and we value and trust the treatment they deliver.
  4. CEREC® (in-office) crowns, bridges, and veneers are the ultimate in dental technology and are guaranteed for five years.
  5. Lab-made crowns, bridges, and veneers are guaranteed for five years. We use the highest quality labs, so there is never a concern with materials such as lead.
  6. Dentures and partials are guaranteed against breakage for five years.
  7. We guarantee that our fillings and sealants are done with the best material and placement skills available. If needed, we will replace them up to two years.

Above all, we guarantee your satisfaction with our doctors, staff, and service. Our practice has been in the same location for 1960 for a reason—we treat people right. Our integrity, along with our highly trained staff, is second to none. We have expanded and continued to progress to offer the best technology has to offer, but we are still old fashioned when it comes to quality service.

Conditions for Our Guarantee

  1. You must keep your prescribed regular continuing care appointments of at least two per year. Patients with complete dentures must come once per year for a dental exam.
  2. You must have your recommended treatment performed by one of our highly qualified doctors.
  3. You must see the dental specialist we recommend, as we require that they uphold the same high standards we do.
  4. The guarantee does not cover damage to teeth or dental prosthesis caused by accidentals, trauma, neglect, or improper use (e.g.: clenching, grinding, chewing on ice, biting non-food items).
  5. Your account must be in good standings.