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Botox® Testimonials

“When I first started getting Botox, it was strictly for cosmetic reasons. I have always been happy with the results and as a bonus, I noticed I do not have as many headaches” –Amy H.

I was concerned at first about doing anything cosmetic, but I have been really happy with my results.  My troubled area is between my eyes with large deep wrinkles.  Dr. Mitchell performed Botox in that area and it has made a world of difference.  Every quarter I do a retouch with him and it has made me feel better about my appearance.  Thanks Dr. Mitchell...I am feeling a little younger because of you.-Karen J.

I started receiving Botox injections from Dr. Mitchell in September 2012.  I was surprised when I found out that it was very affordable.  Dr. Mitchell was very gentle and injected the area between my eyes, which they referred as my "11's" and also around my eyes in the areas known as "crows' feet".  I was so pleased with my results, I now come in on a regular basis and have actually had my Botox done a few times with my convenient! -Amy G.