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April Blog

April 7th, 2017

Did you know that we offer several great options if you are interested in improving your look? Our list of whitening procedures includes custom whitening trays where you have trays perfectly fit for your teeth and whitening gel to whiten as desired. Zoom is our most potent whitening option; with this procedure, you get the custom trays as well as a two-hour tooth by tooth whitening treatment with an LED accelerator. Dr. Mitchell, one of our five esteemed providers, administers Botox® in office as well. Botox® is great for patients who want to remove fine lines and wrinkles or treat TMJ or chronic migraines. Whether you want to whiten your smile or get rid of some unwanted wrinkles, call us and schedule a whitening or Botox® consult today to explore your options and learn more about the services we provide!

National Children's Dental Health Month

March 2nd, 2017

February is National Children's Dental Health month and that means a refresher on proper dental hygiene. Brushing twice a day, along with daily flossing and a good fluoride mouth rinse is a great way to keep your teeth and gums healthy. We recommend an electric brush in order to better diminish unwanted plaque.

Proper brushing technique is to brush for a full two minutes in a circular motion getting all the surfaces of your teeth, your gums and your tongue. Be sure not to brush too hard for that could cause abfraction, loss of tooth tissue at the gum line. Flossing should be done in a c-shape around both sides of each tooth. Taking good care of your teeth is essential to overall health! Be sure to practice good dental hygiene and happy dental awareness month!

Continuously Striving to be the Best

February 2nd, 2017

This month, we would like to congratulate one of our esteemed providers, Dr. Paula Zimmerman. Dr. Zimmerman was voted by her peers as a Top Dentist in Columbus. In order to earn this honor, various other dentists wrote in her name to nominate her for this award. Congratulations to Dr. Z who always aims to, “make [patients] laugh during their appointment.” She most definitely knows how to make her patients feel comfortable and relaxed in the dentist chair, which can be a hard feat for those who are not so fond of coming to see us. Awesome job to Dr. Zimmerman who never ceases to achieve excellence in all that she does!

Cbus’s #1 Pick

January 6th, 2017

2016 came to a close for us all last week and here, at GCFD, it ended on a high note. After several rounds of voting by people all over the Columbus area, we were named the #1 dentist by The Dispatch’s CBUS Top Picks. In this yearly competition, people vote for their favorites in each category: for example, dentist, coffee shop, gym etc. After a few rounds of voting, we earned the title as the Top Pick for 2016 as chosen by the people of Cbus. We are so excited about this title and are over-joyed that our patients continuously support us. As always, we recognize that we have the best patients and in this new year we will continuously strive to be the best provider we can be. Thank you all for voting for us, we aim to live up to the name in 2017. Cbus’s #1 Pick